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[Parution] Oliver Watson, Ceramics of Iran. Islamic Pottery in the Sarikhani Collection

Featuring a broad selection of objects from one of the most distinguished collections of Iranian art, this volume brings together over 1,000 years of Persian Islamic pottery. With more than 500 illustrations, authoritative technical treatises, and insightful commentary, Ceramics of Iran assembles a collection of rarely seen treasures from the...

Narrative Illustration on Qajar Tilework in Shiraz 0

[Parution] Atefeh Seyed Mousavi, Narrative Illustration on Qajar Tilework in Shiraz, Verlag für Orientkunde, 2018

Présentation de l’auteur : Tilework illustration of the Qajar period has received comparatively little scholarly consideration. This applies specifically to Shiraz, where the art was abundantly practiced. My book, the first of its kind, presents a detailed analytical study of Qajar tile painting in Shiraz. The material has been collected...

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